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The poorest of the poor all over the world are going through untold hardship and suffering. Have you ever held a baby dying of starvation in your arms? Have you ever seen a mother in tears because she cannot look after her children? Have you ever seen a child so deformed because of preventable diseases? Women are dying during child birth because they lack basic medical care. Talented children are wasting away because of lack of access to fundamental education.
Africa Mission is answering the call of God to reach out to these people all over Africa and the rest of the world.

“The task of liberating Africa from the claws of Satan cannot be taken with levity. An all-prong approach must be employed. This is why we shall attack diseases, poverty and ignorance in our attempt to reach the peoples of Africa for the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to this clarion call that all of you are called of God. Let us join hands as God’s instruments for change in the continent of Africa and around the world.”

Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye
(Matron of Africa Missions)
Africa Missions Ireland is responsible for implementing the vision of AMO in three African Countries; Eritrea, Sudan and Chad.

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