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Our Goals

  • Africa Missions Ireland is responsible for implementing the vision of AMO in three African Countries; Eritrea, Sudan and Chad. To reach out to these countries we shall Mobilize brethren who can reach out to missions;
  • Sponsor the training of missionaries annually at the school of missions to work in these countries;Assist missions in these countries to become self sustaining through business ventures where possible;
  • Assist communities where the church has missions to develop projects that will help in the fight against poverty; by building schools, Health care centres and vocational centres.
  • Assist in improving communications with missions by ensuring that the missions are equipped with telephones, faxes, and computers where possible;
  • Establish mission schools and bible colleges in these countries.


Our short-term goals

  • To set up committee at various levels; National, Local level
  • To set up national office for effective coordination
  • To create an awareness of this ministry to everyone in Ireland.
  • To invite people to join us as partners, donor and volunteers.
  • To link up with other NGOs with similar interest and burden for Africa
  • To make contact with mission office in Nigeria to find out information about the mission situation in Sudan, Eritrea and Chad. To provide monthly financial and material support to our mission fields.

Our long-term goals

  • To coordinate mission trips for youths and adults so as to deplore their God giving gifts and talents to our mission fields( focusing on medical professionals)
  • To publish a quarterly newsletter updating you with our missions work.
  • Carry out Strategic Planning Assessment to Sudan, Eritrea and Chad in 2008 to identify the situation on the ground.
  • To organise annual Africa Mission Dinner for partners and all interest groups with the Matron

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